Larry Costlow

Profile Updated: November 17, 2008
Residing In: Wamego, KS
Occupation: Owner of a specialty food store
Children: Daniel Brooks, adopted 1983

Yes! Attending Reunion

Hmmm...1968. Those brain cells were trashed and burned sometime in the late 70s. No really...I graduate from Harding in 1971, moved to Manhattan, Ks for Grad school in English at Kansas State. Learned to read really well and educated myself in Horticulture and Retail Sales. Chased a song up and down the highways of Kansas as the singer in a RnB for 20+ years always thinking the next gig was THE BIG ONE. Still play on ocassion. After managing a produce market and a garden store, I went out on my own in 2006 and opened a food store, specializing in gourmet foods and
fine chocolates. I still read everyday and am blessed with the gift of travel, most recently a week in Paris (Oct 08). Divorced, pround Papa of a law enforcment officer, Deputy Dan. I have a great life...

School Story:

Just some flashes of memories...Mr. Beckworth sitting on a tack...Michael Prichett throwing up in the 6th grade and the pink stuff they mopped the floor with that smelled even worse...A thousand chorus trips and getting the scoop on who was making out on the chorus bus...The tornado...Rudy Wray taking over the chorus when Mr. Welch got fired...Being bold enough to call Miss Cooper Mary Sue to her face....memorizing the Sermon on the Mount...It didn't seem like at the time but they were wonderful years. No regrets.

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Starvin' Marvin and the Dexytrims
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